💥 SpaceDoge has finally launch its own plateform in the Spaceweb !💥

🐶 From SpaceDoge Genesis Story to a general FAQ, and a more detailed Spacepaper on our token, everything you’ll need to know to stay onboard with us has been carefuly explained 🤓

🚀 And as SpaceDoge is just getting started, expect to read more about the adventures of our fellow Puppers soon ! 🔥

🛰 https://spacedoge.site/ 🛰

🌚 $SpaceDoge is now live on Uniswap ! 🌚

✅Contract : 0xaa2409594dc0aef63c0f367e30f6b51149cbe613

Min slippage to buy: 3%
Min slippage to sell: 6%

I’m anti-whale ❌🐳 (1% supply max / buy)
Burn mechanics integrated 🔥 (3% on buys)
Auto-liquidity feature 📊 (3% on sells)
Hodlers redistribution 🔄💰(2% on sells)
Community incentives 🤑 (from 1% on sells to Dev wallet)

🌙 Uniswap : https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?inputCurrency=0xaa2409594dc0aef63c0f367e30f6b51149cbe613

🌙 Dextools : https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0x8433ddc4c633184bdee17daadcceea28e1903fcf

Twitter : https://twitter.com/The_Space_Doge
Telegram — https://t.me/Space_Doge

As a puppy, SpaceDoge heard many stories of dogs being sent to the moon and beyond. Since then, SpaceDoge always dreamt about going to space and finding out if the legendary Laika ever truly existed and the mystery of what ultimately happened. Join us as we help $Spacedoge take on the ultimate moon mission and become part of history like his forefathers.

After many years of training and seeing his friends being sent one after another, $SpaceDoge thought that time has finally come for him.

Embark with $SpaceDoge on an adventure and help him to be reunited with his friends $Shib, $Akita, $Hoge and $Poodl, and discover what awaits for him beyond the moon and deep in the outer space.

Space Doge

Join Space Doge on a mission to find Laika, the OG Space Dog, and go way past the moon to discover the mysteries hidden in the outter space.

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